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CIMP 2019 Held in Nanjing

Author:     Click: 83    DateTime: 2018-11-22 11:22:57

       On November 14-16, the China International Cleanser Ingredients, Machinery and Packaging Materials Expo 2019 (CIMP 2019) was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. The Personal and Home Care Business Division of Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd. (Golden Chemical) set up an exhibition at Booth 24 in Hall 5F.

       Sponsored by China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA)and co-sponsored by daily chemical associations in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, CIMP has become a well-known exhibition in the daily chemical industry and has gradually become an indicator for the development trends of this industry.

       This year, the exhibition was held in Nanjing, so Golden Chemical worked so passionately like a host in receiving the customers from all over China. As for what raw materials should be recommended for commercial laundry formulas and for automatic dishwasher formulas, we made our customers gain a profound understanding of how to create formulas and how to choose products through the on-site guidance of Dow Chemical's technical experts and the detailed explanation of sales and technical personnel of the Daily Chemical Division of Golden Chemical.

       The following products and formula services are what we mainly promoted in this exhibition:

       Since we had a strategic cooperation relationship with Indonesia's Musim Mas, we exhibited Musim Mas oil and grease products for the first time, including fatty alcohols, fatty acids, K12, and glycerol meeting the United States Pharmacopeia Standard.  

       As highly concentrated detergent is a popular application direction, we also exhibited a series of solutions on highly concentrated detergent. DOW's ECOSURF LA and TERGITOL CA series surfactants, ACUSOL 845 and ACUSOL 460Ndispersants, two-in-one soft and smooth component SUPRACARE 133 and other raw materials are suitable for various concentration systems.

       Facing the increasingly popular automatic dishwasher market, we provided all-round solutions to offer raw material packaging and formula support.

       We also displayed IFF's essence of various flavors, odor-removing essence and microcapsules at the exhibition and customers can smell and choose the essence on site. 

       As for the Golden Chemical Series Formula Finished Products, we provided two-in-one laundry liquid, solvent-free oil fume cleaner, softener and other finished formulas to boost customers' heated discussions on formula technology.

The Dow Chemical, Nouryon, Stepan, Musim Mas and other related products surrogated by us attracted the attention of many customers. They expressed their willingness to further cooperate with us through on-site consultation, exchange of business cards, information retrieval and collection of samples.

       During the 3-day exhibition, we held talks with hundreds of new and old customers in the daily chemical field. We hoped to demonstrate our high-quality products and technical service capabilities in the daily chemical industry in this way.

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